A Girl With Cerebral Palsy Became an Inspiration for the World After Running a Race

Sarah Kate is the girl who suffered from Cerebral Palsy and she is a runner. This disease didn’t hold her down from being a part from the running club at her school. She does the training with her mother and this brave little girl even runs races.

For those who don’t know, a cerebral palsy attacks the neurological system in the body and makes walking very difficult and running impossible.

This 11-year old girl breaks the barriers of these symptoms every day as she is a proud runner. She even has a life moving motto: “Finish strong, never stop” which should ring in every person’s head moving further.

Recently this brave girl took a 10k run. She never thought about giving up and sitting down on her wheelchair which was moving close by. Sarah Kate was warmly welcomed by the supporters who were clapping their hands cheering for her as soon as she showed up running to the finish line.

It was breathtaking moment as this girl was living her dream reaching the finish line.

Never give up is the thing we should learn from this brave girl. Sarah Kate is here to serve you as a big role model like the world never had before. She responded with a big smile on her face running through the finish line saluting every supporter out there.

Here is the video where you will see Sarah Kate running through the finish line.

[responsive_youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ThQu3h6iYY norel]

Amazing what a dream and success could do to a person. Never think about quitting. Only the sky is the limit if you really want to succeed in something.

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