This Guy Was FORCED by His Girlfriend to Get Rid Of His Dog and That’s Why He Did THIS. Do You Approve?

Okay, I will stay away from commenting this situation.

A guy received an order by his girlfriend to get rid of his dog.

He decided to listen to her and move him away from home.

It was tough for him to leave him on the streets and that’s why he posted an ad on Craiglist.

He must love this girl very much and he doesn’t want to lose here even if that means getting rid of his best friend.

What the…?

I’m still shaking from this story and I don’t know if he found the right home for his little beagle Molly.

I hope he marries this girl if she doesn’t have any other requests for him.

Maybe she will want him to do something else before she says YES.

Who knows.

Here is the ad he posted on Craiglist.


Oh wow…

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