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25 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities. WOW This is Awesome!

You know how every celebrity has it’s own doppelganger living on this planet.

Some of them are already seen publicly and some of them are just born.

We have those who have just come to the real world. These babies look like celebrities and you can’t say anything about it.

We can agree that these babies will get another look growing up, but until then we are going to enjoy in this.

1. Wallace Shawn

1. Wallace Shawn

2. Vladimir Putin

2. Vladimir Putin

3. Tiger Woods

3. Tiger Woods

4. Renee Zellweger

4. Renee Zellweger

5. “Mrs. Doubtfire”

5. Robin Williams In “Mrs. Doubtfire”

6. Mini-Me

6. Mini-Me

7. Mario Lopez

7. Mario Lopez

8.  John Legend

8. John Legend

9. Jay Z

9. Jay Z



11. Ian McKellen As Gandalf

11. Ian McKellen As Gandalf

12. Erik Stonestreet

12. Erik Stonestreet

13. Elvis Presley

13. Elvis Presley



15. Michael C. Hall

15. Michael C. Hall

16. Danny De Vito

16.Danny De Vito



18. Collin Farrell

18. Collin Farrell

19. Chris Farley

19. Chris Farley

20. Brad Pitt

20. Brad Pitt



22. Billy Idol

22. Billy Idol

23. Bill Maher

23. Bill Maher

24. Alex Rodriguez

24. Alex Rodriguez



Oh this is so awesome!

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