A Kitten Therapy is a Proven Way of Reducing Stress. OMG It Really Works!

If you are stressed and you can’t figure out how to reduce it you probably need kittens.

Yes, kittens.

There are people who are already doing this.

Check out what the guys at Soul Pancake have to say about it.

They found a way to use kittens in order to reduce stress.

According to them, even the most stressful lives can find their inner piece hanging out with cats.

Now lets say a few scientific words.

Having cats around you lowers the blood pressure.

This is equal to lowering the stress and reducing the risk of any kind of cardiovascular disease.

If you don’t trust us you can check out this link and read the full study.

See the reaction of people when they are left with kittens.

Look how calm they are…


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