25 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Actually Asian

Don’t you like the diversity in our world? It’s surprising when someone you’ve known for your whole life tells you that he is a mix of different ethnicities.

A person could look entirely Asian or African American, but actually, he could come out as a quarter or half of another race. That’s what makes the story about humans even more complicated and exciting.

We now have the Asian roots as our subject. They can be pretty noticeable in a person when that person is full Asian. However, when someone is only a partially Asian, it could be not that vivid. These signs could be very well hidden, and you won’t be able to notice them until the person decides to tell you.

Below you will find a list of celebrities you didn’t know have something Asian in them.

1. Ne-Yo

He gets it from his maternal grandfather.

2. Enrique Iglesias

He is half Filipino

3. Rob Schneider

A quarter Filipino

4. Keanu Reeves

He’s a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese

5. The Rock

This big guy is half Samoan

6. Vanessa Hudgens

A mix of all sorts of ethnicities including Irish, Native American, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese.

7. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

A quarter Indonesian

8. Freddie Mercury

Although he is British, he is 100% Parsi.

9. Kristen Kreuk

She’s half Chinese!

10. Bruno Mars

He is of Puerto Rican, Jewish, and Filipino ancestry

11. Nicole Scherzinger

She is half Filipino from her dad’s side

12. Cassie

She is half Filipino from her father’s side

13. Eddie Van Halen

He is also Chinese-Malaysian

14. Apl.de.ap

Aple.de.ap is a proud Filipino-American

15. Chad Michael Murray

He’s a quarter Japanese

16. Naomi Campbell

She is Chinese-Jamaican lineage via her paternal grandmother

17. Dean Cain

A quarter Japanese!

18. KT Tunstall

This Scottish singer is also half Chinese.

19. Norah Jones

Norah is half Indian

20. Kirk Hammett

He’s half-Filipino.

21. Sharon Leal

She has a Filipino mother.

22. Tyga

He’s half Vietnamese and half Jamaican.


23. Karen O

She’s part Korean

24. Kelis

She is a part Chinese

25. Karrueche

This pretty lady is half Vietnamese.

Who of these celebrities surprised you the most with their Asian roots?

Source: LifeBuzz

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