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22 Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania Now

Romania is not just the place where Dracula was born or liver or whatever the story is. This country has its own beauty inside hidden deep in the magical nature. There is something that will make you fell in love in this place.

Even when you take the first step in Romania you will feel the difference between what’s real and what’s not. If Romania was on your “to visit” list we made sure you will know where to go.

If you’ve been avoiding Romania so far, these reasons shown as reasons will definitely make you visit this country next month.

When I first shared with my friends how beautiful Romania is they were all skeptics until they visited. Now I can see them booking tickets every other month to go and visit some new place they found there.

Let’s see why you need to visit Romania:

1. The Beautiful Brasov

1. The Beautiful Brasov

2. Rodnei

2. Rodnei

3. Bucegi Mountains

3. Bucegi Mountains

4. Apuseni Mountains

4. Apuseni Mountains

5. Autumn in the Village Biertan

5. Autumn in the Village Biertan

6. Breathing fresh air in Decebal

6. Breathing fresh air in Decebal

7. Breathtaking Tara Barsei

7. Breathtaking Tara Barsei

8. Another magical moment of Rodnei Mountains

8. Another magical moment of Rodnei Mountains

9. Corvin Castle

9. Corvin Castle

10. Maramures

10. Maramures

11. Snowing in Ceahlau

11. Snowing in Ceahlau

12. Peles Castle

12. Peles Castle

13. Another view of Bucegi Mountains

13. Another view of Bucegi Mountains

14. Here is the Dracula Castle

14. Here is the Dracula Castle

15. The home of Sunflower Fields

15. The home of Sunflower Fields

16. The magical Retezat National Park

16. The magical Retezat National Park

17. The Spring afternoon in Holbav Village

17. The Spring afternoon in Holbav Village

18. The Moss Swamp

18. The Moss Swamp

19. This road that splits the mountain

19. This road that splits the mountain

20. Transfagarasan

20. Transfagarasan

21. The tunnel of Love

21. The tunnel of Love

22. Last but not least, the most beautiful waterfall, the Bigar Waterfall

22. The Last but not least, the most beautiful waterfall, the Bigar Waterfall

Pack your bags and see you there!

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